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Lets make your house a home

How we can help

Plants delivered

Just want some plants without the hassle of transport? Get in contact and let us bring them to you.

Installing shelves and hooks

Need somewhere for your plants? We Professionally install shelves and hooks, provided by us or you

Designing space

Have a plan or want some ideas? We help design your space, provide the plants, and install the Shelves and hooks

Basic handyman services

With a decade of qualified trade experience. See what we can do, and at a better price than a 'per hour' handyman

Beautifying your space

From delivering plants you want to designing your entire room around them were here to help.

We can install any shelves and hooks you might want for anywhere in your house

From that dead wall space at the top of the stirs, or the big open window that could do with a bit of livening up. To completely surrounding your wall mounted TV (we can put that up for you too). All could be given anywhere from a touch of green to a full plant explosion

There’s something about living in a ‘jungle’ that makes you feel better.

Just want a few plants delivered or a whole house explosion. Fill in the form below (or give us a call) and we can, one way or another, help make your house a bit greener.

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